For our clients, building a successful business means finding the best talent. In today's digital economy, the right hire is as likely to be in Bangalore as Brooklyn. L&K Law Group enables our clients to build the world's best teams by tapping the global talent pool.

L&K Law Group provides leading-edge business immigration legal services for public and private companies, business owners, startups, artists and venture capital firms nationally. Our clients include business leaders, engineers, artists of many disciplines, Inc 500 companies, and globally recognized arts organizations.




Public and Private Companies

L&K Attorneys work with business owners and entrepreneurs of all kinds to to provide innovative immigration solutions to meet the changing needs of each company. This requires, often, biannual assessments and a collaborative relationship with our firm attorneys. 


L&K Attorneys have worked with artists in a wide range of disciplines. In addition to working closely with artists who are in the U.S. in the shorter term, our attorneys have also assisted artists in obtaining permanent status.


Startup and Venture

L&K Attorneys approach the start-up and venture communities as fellow entrepreneurs and address concerns about timing, scale, and funding rounds when assisting with hiring decisions . In addition, L&K Attorneys make ourselves easily accessible and develop a tailored strategy for each client.