L&K Law Group is dedicated to meeting the needs of companies and individuals seeking comprehensive, efficient, cost-effective and collaborative immigration solutions. 


Employment-Based Permanent Residence

L&K Law Group Attorneys assist employers and individuals in obtaining employment-based permanent residence in the United States. This process can be an arduous one and our attorneys provide step-by-step support to client.

Family-Based Permanent Residence

L&K Law Group Attorneys are seasoned at assisting families petition for their relatives so they may obtain permanent residence, especially legally complicated marriage-based petitions.


Non Immigrant Visas Visas

L&K Law Group Attorneys work with companies of all sizes who hire foreign nationals. We assist visa petitions for H, O, L, E, TN, P and I visas. L&K Law Group works with employers and individuals to assess their needs and develops a map of timeline, materials required and fee schedule tailored to the specific petition.

L&K Law Group Clients